Repair Process

Birkholz Body Werks Repair Process is as follows:

Pre-repair Stage

  1. Our facility or an Insurance Company creates an estimate
  2. We Schedule the repair.
  3. Customer drops off their vehicle at our facility for repairs
  4. The repair order is created, and we order the parts
  5. We receive the parts and stock them


Disassembly Process:

  1. Automobile is disassembled and properly inspected for hidden and/or unknown damage.
  2. If we find hidden damage, we will notify the vehicle owner and his/her Insurance Company to get approval for the additional work needed.
  3. After we receive approval, verbal or otherwise, from the Vehicle owner and or his/her Insurance Company, the automobile will be placed back in production. (Sometimes an insurance appraiser comes to our facility to approve the additional insurance claim.)

Frame & Body Repair:

  1. We remove and/or repair any sheet metal parts
  2. We analyze other areas of the vehicle by removing additional external parts
  3. If there is structural damage the vehicle is moved and placed onto unibody repair equipment.
  4. We correct any structural inaccuracies by strategically using different methods to correct them such as measured pulls for length, sway, height, and twist corrections
  5. We prepare new panels for the vehicle by priming and edging out the panels prior to the installation
  6. Anti corrosion materials are applied to the unibody
  7. The parts of the unibody that were repaired and welded are painted
  8. After those areas of the unibody are painted, we re-install internal parts
  9. In the final step of the body and frame repair, the outer sheet metal is first fitted and bolted (or welded) to the body of the car.

Preparation and Paint Repair:

  1. We prime the vehicle by utilizing a rust inhibiting acid etching primer, followed by a 2 component filler primer.
  2. The vehicle is then block sanded and pressure washed.
  3. The interior door jambs and edges of the vehicle are painted
  4. The non-damaged areas of the car are masked
  5. The vehicle is moved to the paint booth where it is washed with solvents
  6. In the final stage of Paint Repair, the vehicle is painted with one, two, or three stage urethane paint.

Reassemble and Completion:

  1. The vehicle is unmasked, and we remount the exterior trim
  2. We redo the pin stripping and align the wheels
  3. The electrical system is reconnected during this stage
  4. We wash and detail the vehicle
  5. We perform a driving test prior to delivery
  6. The final bill of sale is generated at this point that accounts for supplements and increases in price parts
  7. The car is delivered